I didn’t know. But I had enough evidence to make an educated guess.

  1. The rental reviews suggested C cups would do well in the dress (I’m a C).
  2. The biggest issue I have with designer dresses isn’t cup size or waist size, it’s arm holes and sleeves. A sleeveless dress in my size with reported C cup max (I couldn’t be any bigger in that dress without a button flying off.) was going to work.
  3. If you take a close look, you can see that the dress clearly pinned behind the model’s chest, because the dress flows out from her small ribcage and hips. They tightened the bust to make it not look floppy. But that observation is kinda a pro move on my part. I can now see on images where they padded out a straight size model to look plus, pinned a dress back on a flat chested model, or where a model’s positioning fakes that the dress has a waist or hips, when it doesn’t.
  4. This is why I tend to like sites like Rue107 or Robyn Lawley’s swim line, or pieces which have featured Natural Model Management Models.

Decade+ in #opengov, civic tech, & open data innovation. Surfer. Accidental #FoodSafety advocate/data standard expert. Author. #MeToo

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